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With so much talk in the media about our climate change situation over the past few weeks, SX21 couldn’t come at a better time and are proud to be a media partner for the event.

NEON Agency have set the bar high for this event, with so much packed into 3 days from the 21st to the 23rd of September. This event will cover every aspect of climate change, sustainability and what the future holds for our planet.  The event also promises to be about innovation, inspiration, fun and education.

SX21 aims to connect the greatest minds, industry champions, start-ups, investors, public sector officials, NGOs and the academic sector to collaborate, share, learn and create for the long-term benefit of society, purpose, and planet.

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MONDAY, AUG 9, 2021

I don’t remember when the ‘ah-ha’ moment happened, but at some point, I was introduced to this idea of climate justice, which sees these connections between the climate crisis and justice issues,” the 23-year-old says from her home in Edinburgh. “The climate crisis is a justice issue because it will cause — and it is already causing — the greatest displacement of people worldwide and it is a refugee-rights issue because of that.”

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by Meadhbh McGrath 25th July 2021

With sustainability now firmly on the agenda of most companies, a new three-day summit called SX21 The will take place between September 21st and 23rd.

Organised by the Ranelagh-based marketing and experience agency Neon, the event will revolve around a mix of keynote speakers, fireside chats, panel discussions as well as spoken word performances.

According to the organisers, “SX21 aims to connect the greatest minds, industry champions, start-ups, investors, public sector officials, NGOs and the academic sector to collaborate, share, learn and create for the long-term benefit of society, purpose, and planet. Whether you’re a student or a CEO, each of us has the power to be an agent of change. It’s time to re-imagine the future.”

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MONDAY, JULY 12, 2021

Anyone with an interest in sustainability is likely to have heard the name Mikaela Loach before… and if you haven’t, she’s probably to be found just a few clicks away on your Instagram explore page. A 23-year-old medical student at the University of Edinburgh (currently on sabbatical after finishing her fourth-year clinical placements) she uses her social media following to rally others in the fight against climate change. 

Recently announced as one of the speakers at this year’s SX21 – TheSustainabilitySummit.Earth, she’ll be joining some of the greatest minds in the industry to collaborate, share, learn and create. Hoping to pick her brains ahead of the event this September, I caught up with Mikaela to chat through some of the most pertinent environmental issues facing the world today.

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by Sarah Finnan 27th Jun 2021

As SX21 is a 3-day online broadcast event for this year, there are great opportunities to experience SX21 from the comfort of your couch.

We’re bringing leading experts from across the world of Sustainability – Business Leaders, Social Purpose Champions, and International Policy Makers to Climate Activists, Maverick Game Changers, and Creative Pioneers that are truly disrupting their industries.

With our chosen online platform, there will also be great AI lead generation and networking.

We value diversity and inclusivity, and we want this event to be both inspirational and educational.

We’re bringing together a lot of strong, inspiring female speakers to ensure there is a well-balanced gender mix at the event., in addition, we want to bring youth and vibrancy to SX21 to bridge the gap between generations.

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SX21 – The Sustainability Summit, which takes place on September 21-23 with a varied and weighty list of speakers and contributors, is designed to be the first in an annual series of events aimed at bringing together the corporate, academic, non-profit and activist worlds to look at sustainability on a global scale.

The event is being produced by Neon Agency, “a global experiential events agency” based in Ranelagh. Their Head of Specialist Events & Brand Partnerships Emma O’Farrell explains what they are trying to do:

“There’s a lot of amazing events out there, and they’re all quite niche,” she says. “What makes us different is the fact that we’re bringing showmanship to the sustainable event space. We want it to be really inspirational and educational, but also really fun.”

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Christopher Jones, 23 JUN 2021

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